Mission Statement

Mission statement:

The mission of the Canmore and Area Health Care Foundation is to provide charitable financial resources for the continuing improvement of the facilities and services of the Canmore General Hospital through the encouragement of philanthropy and the guardianship of these financial resources.

Vision statement:

  • Supporting the present
  • Ensuring the future
  • Creating a legacy ….  For a healthy community

Values and Guiding Principles:

  • Excellence:  We seek to earn the support of donors and the community by bringing professionalism to all our endeavours. We seek to enhance their understanding and trust of the foundation and its operations.
  • Methods:   We achieve our goals through resourcefulness, innovation and commitment.
  • Integrity:  We bring integrity and honesty to all our actions, realising that the trust of donors and the community is critical to our success.
  • Accountability:  We are open, transparent and accountable to our donors, our community, and the hospital.
  • Relationships:  We are committed to building strong, productive relationships with all our volunteers, donors, the community at large, as well as the Canmore General Hospital and its staff.  We value all contributions be they financial, volunteer time or staff time.
  • Passion:  We are passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the Canmore General Hospital, our donors and our community