Emergency Care

We have one of the lowest wait times for Emergency care in the Province. Residents and visitors who use our ER receive uncompromised, compassionate care from our well trained medical staff. An ultrasound machine was purchased in 2010 that provides fast access for intravenous therapy in life-threatening situations. It also aids in the diagnosis and treatment of abdominal symptoms and the machine is fast becoming the standard of care for ER’s in Canada.

One of the recent additions to Emergency was a Cardiac Monitor which is an essential piece of hospital equipment that has the capability to monitor pulse, blood pressure, temperature, respirations and oxygen saturation for patients. It is used in the Emergency Room and Acute Care Unit to monitor both patients needing both intermittent assessment and seriously ill patients on a continual basis.

“With deep down sincerity I can say that from my very first contact with this hospital, late one evening in January, through subsequent ultrasounds, blood tests, meetings with doctors and staff, I was treated with friendliness, professionalism and respect. The staff obviously work closely together to ensure a smoothly coordinated flow of treatment . . . . . .”