Long Term Care – Golden Eagle View

The enhancement project, ‘Feels Like Home,’ will incorporate design and aesthetics with research-based recommendations for Dementia and Elder Care facilities. The vision of the project is to create an environment that ‘feels like home’ for our residents, and will enrich the quality of life of our residents today and for the next 30 years. 
In its current state, the unit is very institutional in appearance and décor, and the goal of the project will be to incorporate research-based renovations; some examples of the changes include: updating the lighting levels for various locations, the use of color combinations that elderly and dementia care population are attracted to and thrive in, and even changing the appearance of the unit to more of a ‘Home’ environment complete with themed hallways and personalized doorways to each resident room. 
The project is broken up into 5 components: The dining room/Beauty Salon, the Resident rooms, the Resident common use and living spaces, the unit entrance and nurses desk, and the brand-new addition of a large solarium off the north side of the department.

Many upgrades have been made to Golden Eagle View with the help from your donations through the Canmore and Area Health Care Foundation. These upgrades have been made in order to make this residence as comfortable and home-like as possible. A piano and a patient lift were a couple of the Foundation’s first purchases but now includes additional lifts and bathing equipment as well as a Suzy-Q food cart. The cart is an unqualified success. Mealtime is very important to residents and can be the high or low point of the day. We are happy to say that the feedback is making a difference – to the good!

During the summer months an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and talented gardening team not only plan and care for the hospital gardens at the front of the building, thanks to donations, but also have gardens just outside of Golden Eagle View where residents can enjoy the colours, smells and feel of gardens – perhaps just like they had at home.

In 2012 the addition of a new Hospital HandiBus takes the Golden Eagle View residents on day trips during the summer month. This HandiBus was purchased with grants and donations from Provincial Government, Federal Government, Canmore Service Clubs and individuals and makes a big difference in many lives both living in Golden Eagle View and seniors out in our Community.