Outdoor Fitness Circuit

The Adult Outdoor Fitness Circuit at Centennial Park in Canmore was opened on Thursday, July 7th from 10am to 2pm. The ceremonies, featuring Wild Rose MP Blake Richards and Mayor Ron Casey was attended by approximately 50 people…many of whom donated to the Fitness Circuit through either the Canmore Seniors’ Association, Meanderthals Hiking Group, or Canmore Hospital Ladies Auxiliary. We are grateful for all the support to enhance Preventative Health in Canmore! Also speaking at the Grand Opening was Linda Hammell who brought the idea forward to the Town and the Hospital, and Tom Docking on behalf of the Health Care Foundation.

Fitness Trainers were on hand to introduce and familiarize people to the Fitness Circuit equipment. Over 30 people attended the sessions in the morning, and another 24 used the equipment during a “boot camp” in the evening. The equipment is well-used and appreciated!

Some of the comments from the Grand Opening:

“Super introduction to great equipment…” (Linda H.)

” Great intro – thanks so much for helping us all to work on our fitness.” (Barb P.)

“Excellent Preventative Care!” (Wendy W.)

“Great fun and beautiful location. I love the multigenerational use of the park.” (Marilyn W.)

“Really works! Now I know what to do!” (Jill M.)