What’s Your Impact?

Your generosity touches people across Canmore and Bow Valley – and beyond. With the area’s resident base of 75,000 people, and the many visitors here, your support reaches far and wide, and has the potential to help people at all stages of life.


What Does Your Money Do?

$6 million dollars – and counting – have been raised by CAHCF. But how does it help, and where does it go?

Donations to the Foundation help people when they need it most. Foundation money makes a difference in emergency rooms, birthing suites, and acute care suites, and even at the bedsides of patients, where their loved ones keep watch.

In recent years, your money helped purchase many pieces of equipment, large and small, such as:

$4,000,000 Raised Over the Last 6 Years

100 per cent of your donations go back to supporting the Canmore Hospital. The Foundation's administration costs are covered by grant and interest income.
  • 1 ultrasound machine

  • 2 cardiac monitors/defibrillators

  • 3 wall-mount vital sign machines

  • 1 medication fridge and furniture

  • 2 sleeper sofas

  • 3 ceiling lifts

Social programs for patients who need them are also provided by Foundation funding. Yoga, mindfulness, and support groups for patients receiving cancer care are all supported by your donations to the Foundation.

Who are we?

Around 1,000 people directly support the Foundation. Individuals, families, and businesses that give back all donate time and money to help the Foundation help others. The Foundation also has a strong partnership with Alberta Health Services in Canmore, which has over 450 staff and 200 volunteers who are working together for healthier, happier local communities. Please join us.

Together, we are addressing key challenges that all health care jurisdictions are facing.

  • rising healthcare costs

  • increased demand

  • a growing and aging population

  • longer life expectancies

  • more complex medical care

Some of Our Biggest Successes

These projects are big in scope and price tag.

  • New labour and delivery rooms – Providing space and equipment for an optimal birth experience

  • A refurbished suite for endoscopies – Allowing local treatment, without having to drive to a bigger hospital

  • A HandiBus – With 16 seats to improve quality of life

  • A whole refurbished wing for cancer care – Funds raised in 13% of the estimated time needed, thanks to donor responsiveness

  • Upgraded palliative care rooms – Making patients as comfortable as possible in the last stages of life

Some of Our Smallest Successes

These are small in dollars, large in benefits.

  • Books for babies – Little gifts for little tykes and their mums

  • Phlebotomy chair – Making getting needles better

  • Floor Scrubber – Keeping the hospital floors clean and sanitary

  • Opening Minds Through Art – An award-winning, evidence-based, intergenerational art program for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other disorders

  • Mindfulness programs – 8-week programs open to anyone in the community including health-care staff