Mindfulness Program


Since 2009, the Canmore & Area Health Care Foundation has funded Mindfulness Programs every Spring and Fall. The programs introduce individuals to meditation and yoga to help one manage everyday stressors and improve their overall health. Benefits may include improved sleep, decreased stress, enhanced ability to cope with pain, reduction in the use of medication, an improved immune system and less anxiety.

Recent research also demonstrates mindfulness meditation helps with relapse prevention in depression. The mindfulness practice helps one become more accepting, less judgmental, and kind towards themselves and others. Participants report becoming truly aware of their state and embracing the events in their lives that they take better care of themselves. 

This is by far one of the most popular programs offered at the Canmore General Hosptial. The programs are open to anyone in the community, including healthcare staff. 


To register, e-mail mindfulnessmeditation2012@gmail.com or call 403-678-7208 and leave a message.

Should you register for the program, you will learn a number of meditation practices designed to increase your self-awareness and ability to focus. The programs are open to anyone in the community including healthcare staff. You will become more aware of your stress reactions and the sensations of stress in your body and learn the effects of thoughts on your body and your behaviour. The Mindfulness practice helps one become more accepting, less judgmental and kind towards themselves and others. Participants report becoming truly aware of and embracing the pleasant events in their lives and state that they take better care of themselves.

Participant Testimonials

“I was privileged to be in the company of such special people, sharing the same journey as myself.  There is comfort in knowing one is not alone!  I have never in my life, been so fortunate to be in a room where the overwhelming presence of compassion was so palatable! Deanna Thompson is awesome and created such a loving, kind and extremely safe place for us cancer patients to open ourselves to tell our stories. We were introduced to practical tools to assist in embracing, surrendering and moving forward, with this ‘Dance with Cancer’ (this how I refer to my journey) in such a positive way.”

“The skills and strategies that Deanna teaches are WONDERFUL, HELPFUL AND IMPORTANT!! It is well documented now, that providing opportunities for cancer patients to gather together for support, increases their quality of life  and their prognosis. When combined with the mindfulness training, which assists and enables us to relax and to take control, the results are life changing.”

“The mindfulness meditation class has been a lifeline for me. The skills that I have been learning are very helpful when dealing with the stress, anxiety and uncomfortable nature of the diagnosis as well as the treatment regime. The opportunity to be learning together with other cancer patients and listening to both their joys and their challenges has been very valuable for me. To say I will miss the group is an understatement! I urge you to do whatever is in your power in order to keep offering this program to us. Please!!”

“I was beginning to feel like there was just too much going on in my life. It was starting to feel overwhelming – was affecting my sleep at night and was occupying my mind during the day. Mindfulness Meditation was recommended to me and I’m so grateful that I found out about this program. The CD’s in brought home have helped me to continue the program on my own and I feel much calmer and centered and that I have direction. Thank you to Deanna and the program.”

“I would like to provide my feedback after attending the Mindfulness Meditation Program held in Canmore. It was a fantastic experience and I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to attend. I did learn many things about myself and how I deal with stress and some daily life experiences. This program taught me many things with respect to moving forward and handling day to day stress.
Deanna and Sue are exceptional people and really do understand what people are saying and feeling. They are great role models for this program as well (the practice what they preach)”.

“Dear folk, I have very much enjoyed this course and want to thank you for funding it. I hope you will continue to support it. The instructors are very competent and I’m sure we’ve all benefitted enormously. Yoga is new to me, and I was amazed how the deep relaxation benefits our nervous system. I’m sure there are many stressed people in our community (and looks like parts of Canmore’s future will create additional stress!). The ladies and their course provides a super antidote, and we participants have been encouraged to experience how lovely it can be to feel greater tranquility and less worry. Sure hope many others will benefit from a continuing program along these lines. Best wishes in all your work.”

“I would like to commend the Foundation for supporting and offering this program.  I just completed it and feel it is one of the best preventive health care programs I have encountered. Thank you for supporting it.”

“I want to let you know how grateful I am for the opportunity to attend your recent Mindfulness Meditation program. Although I had an inkling that meditation would be beneficial to me, making this course so accessible – both financially and in approach – was key to my actually trying it. And it has had many positive impacts on my well-being. Kate and Suzanne each bring different strengths to the delivery of the program, making them perfect compliments as facilitators. Their exceptionally kind and gentle – yet practical – approach was much appreciated. I hope you will continue to support this important program. I am sure there are many more Bow Valley residents that would benefit from it.”

“I attend because I find yoga to be a great combination of mindfulness and physical conditioning. I find it reduces my stress levels significantly and helps me cope. I note that the Canadian guidelines for treating mild to moderate depression have recently been revised to include yoga as a first-line treatment. Also, many studies have found that physical activity reduces the risk of relapse of cancer. So these facts motivate me as well.”