The HandiBus is used by the hospital to connect seniors in the community through the adult day support program.  Each week the 16 seat, wheel chair accessible bus transports clients of the Adult Day Support Programs to events in Canmore and the surrounding area.  It is also used to take residents and family from Golden Eagle View on day trips.

The HandiBus makes a big difference in a lot of lives.


"My name is Anne Marie and I’ve been riding the Senior’s Hospital Bus for a little over a year.  I REALLY enjoy the bus as it picks me up as well as two other ladies who attend the Seniors Adult Day Support Group and without it picking me up, I couldn’t possibly attend.  I have some physical problems and my walking ability each year becomes less and less.

 With our Day Group we have been on many Day Trips to places I could NEVER get to, like the Delta Bow Valley Hotel in Kananaskis or Bow Lake – to name a couple.

 This Group and the HandiBus has made such a HUGE impact on my life and I eagerly look forward to attending Group as it is the highlight of my week".