Past Campaigns

For over 19 years, donors like you have made a lasting impact on Bow Valley’s health care by donating to the Foundation. By adding medical equipment, programs, and entire hospital rooms, together we have made a difference.



The Bow Corridor Cancer Clinic was renovated in 2010. The entire community rallied to fundraise for this project so that each of the clinic's 100 annual visitors could receive quality treatment close to home.


Labour And Delivery

With up to 400 babies expected to be born at Canmore Hospital in 2016, it is a good time for the facility to see its capacity to deliver infants doubled.

Two delivery and labour rooms will be added to the hospital through a renovation thanks to the generous donation of funds by the Canmore and Area Health Care Foundation.

AHS Story



The HandiBus is used by the hospital to connect seniors in the community through the adult day support program.  Each week the 16 seat, wheel chair accessible bus transports clients of the Adult Day Support Programs to events in Canmore and the surrounding area.  



To encourage a healthy lifestyle and bicycle riding in our Community, the Canmore and Area Health Care Foundation purchased some bike garages to keep your bike safe and out of bad weather when parked.

The bike garages are located at the main entrance to the Canmore General Hospital
There is another bike garage at the employee entrance

(They are beige in color and have a door at the end and can be locked – just in case you wonder what those big beige boxes are.)

We are happy to say that they are constantly in use and are appreciated by both hospital employees and visitors who cycle.

Canmore Outdoor Exercise Equipment-Shayla.jpg


The Adult Outdoor Fitness Circuit at Centennial Park in Canmore was opened on Thursday, July 7th from 10am to 2pm. The ceremonies, featuring Wild Rose MP Blake Richards and Mayor Ron Casey was attended by approximately 50 people…many of whom donated to the Fitness Circuit through either the Canmore Seniors’ Association, Meanderthals Hiking Group, or Canmore Hospital Ladies Auxiliary. We are grateful for all the support to enhance Preventative Health in Canmore! Also speaking at the Grand Opening was Linda Hammell who brought the idea forward to the Town and the Hospital, and Tom Docking on behalf of the Health Care Foundation.

Fitness Trainers were on hand to introduce and familiarize people to the Fitness Circuit equipment. Over 30 people attended the sessions in the morning, and another 24 used the equipment during a “boot camp” in the evening. The equipment is well-used and appreciated!